Corporate Man is called in to investigate reports of vile, unethical business practices at Great American Business Company. What he finds there just might destroy him (except we all know the ending to The Tragic Death of Corporate Man so it should be fairly obvious that it can't really destroy him, though it can come close).

Enslaved by the Bonus Whores is an all new Corporate Man Adventure Serial. Chapters will post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

After nearly a decade of imprisonment, Corporate Man returns to find the economy in ruins and his deadliest enemies in control of all but a fraction of society's wealth. He embarks upon a quest to set right the wrongs of the business world; a task that will ultimately destroy him.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Chapter 195

Franklin Buck was running again.  He’d navigated through the Black Market and defeated the Prime Mortgage Lenders in a three fall cage match hammer battle.  Now the Foreign Investors were after him, trying to maneuver him into complex financial death traps arranged in various back room spaces, secret hallway access tunnels, and lavish hotel lobbies.
He ducked into a maintenance closet and held his breath as footsteps passed him by.  Franklin Buck exhaled and was about to open the door and continue on when something in the room flickered.  He turned and on the top shelf, next to the toilet bowl cleaner and drain declogger, were two small cardboard boxes.
The flickering light was coming from inside these boxes.
One light was a luminous silver.
The other warm and golden.