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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Satisfied Customers 18: Celebrity Edition!

How does local legend, and musician noir, JK2 relax?   He gardens flowers in hanging pots.  I believe the cool kids call this flower potting, but that could just as easily mean something else so we’ll skip it.  What interests us is what JK2 reads to his flowers to make them grow.

“Sometimes I read the Bible.  That one keeps me and the flowers laughing for hours.  Jesus had such a dry sense of humor.  A really subtle wit.  It’s a shame he didn’t write more books before the crucifixion.  His work… it wasn’t the same after that.”

In addition to his religious reading, JK2 also enjoys economics and marketing texts.

The Tragic Death of Corporate Man is brilliant.  Not only did it teach me a great deal about finance but when I read it aloud to my flowers their blossoms get bigger and they look more colorful the next day.”

We drove by the following day and spotted him outside reading volume two of The Tragic Death of Corporate Man.  Check out the blossom comparison.  Just look at those colors! 

Special thanks to JK2 for agreeing to speak with the editors of the Corporate Man Blog.

Please visit him at one of the following webpages and tell him how much you love flowers and Corporate Man and the Bible's more humorous passages.

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