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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rumor Mill from the Boise Comic Book Company

The Boise Comic Book Company (proud sponsor and affiliate of Corporate Man) puts out a weekly newsletter containing staff picks, shipping lists, and the latest rumors floating around the comic book industry.

Below is a re-post that rumor list.  Call them [(208) 546-9471] about anything that peaks your interest.


Unsubstantiated Rumors:
-A recent Justice League rumor was brought to my attention recently
(thanks Phil-bot!) that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson confirmed via his
twitter account that he has agreed to play Lobo in the forthcoming
Justice League movie!

-In other comic book movie rumors, it was leaked that Dr. Strange may be
making a cameo appearance in the Thor sequel! According to the rumor,
Dr. Strange may be played by Viggo Mortensen!

Confirmed Rumors:
-After a long hiatus, Gerard Way is coming back to comics with a new
comic, “Killjoys.” Way sings a bit about the Killjoys on My Chemical
Romance’s most recent studio album, and so there may be some connection
to this new project and the post-apocalyptic themes of that album.

-Grant Morrison is working with rap icon turned director RZA to bring
“Happy” to the big screen. RZA will direct and Grant Morrison will write
the script. They plan to produce the movie first, than take it to a
financier or a movie studio to sell.

-DC is cancelling five titles by January 2013- Blue Beetle, Grifter,
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., G.I. Combat, and Legion Lost. DC has
already announced the release of Threshold and Justice League of
America. However, if DC sticks to the 52 plan, and it seems like the
will, that means there are possibly three other new titles coming in
February 2013 that have yet to be revealed!

-Artist Steve McNiven and writer Brian Michael Bendis are working on a
new Guardians of the Galaxy team, which will feature regular team
members Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Star Lord,
and Iron Man.

-The newest character to don the mantle of Nova is getting his own
series, written by Jeph Loeb, with art by Ed McGuinness.

-Secret Avengers will be relaunching, as an espionage unit working
directly under S.H.I.E.L.D. The book will be written by Nick Spencer,
with art by Luke Ross. The cast for this team has several members
confirmed, including the new Fury, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, The
Incredible Hulk, a new Iron Patriot character, and Black Widow will all
be involved.

-”Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” script-writer David Goyer is teaming up
with DCnU guru Geoff Johns to pen a 13-issue event series. When this
series will come out and what it will be about are details DC aren’t
sharing just yet.

-Super-popular writer Rick Remender will be bringing his creator-owned
comic “Devolution” to Dynamite Comics! “Devolution” is a pulp
grind-house science fiction story that Remender has purportedly been
working on since he began work on “Fear Agent.”

-Garth Ennis is writing and directing a series of webisodes based on his
hit mature-audiences only comic “Crossed.” These webisodes will
culminate in a live-action movie! Though given the extreme nature of The
Crossed, its hard to imagine this film will not be direct DVD!

-Emily the Strange returns to comics in full color next year! “Emily and
the Strangers” is a new mini-series featuring Emily’s quest to win a
haunted guitar!

-Jeff Lemire, on the heels of the end of his creator-owned sensation
Sweet Tooth, is in the commander’s seat for Vertigo’s next epic
maxi-series, Trillium. Billed as the last love story ever told, it looks
like a science-fiction thrill ride about Nikia Temsmith, a botanist at
the edge of known space! Lemire has said that it will be a 10 issue

-Oni Press announced two new Cullen Bunn titles: a spin-off of his very
successful “Sixth Gun” titled “Sons of the Gun,” as well as Helheim, a
Viking horror story. They’ve also got an original graphic novel,
horror-based adaptation of “Babes in Toyland” titled “Wars in Toyland”
by writer Joe Harris and artist Adam Pollina. The story is told from the
point of view of Teddy Bear dictator Roxbury, and young brothers Matthew
and Alex, who are trying to lead the revolution against Roxbury and his
toy soldiers! They also announced the launch of a new Oni website, which
will publish serialized web comics weekly.

-Superstar writer Scott Snyder and hit artist Kevin Murphy are releasing
a new Vertigo title in 2013 called “The Wake.” It is described by Snyder
as “a big, twisted, sprawling, science fiction and horror epic, which
begins with a single, terrifying discovery at the bottom of the ocean.”

-Jim Lee and Scott Snyder will be working together on a brand new title
launching next year that is yet to be named! It’s coming out, in part,
in celebration of 75th Anniversary of “Superman”!

-Through a few different interviews, it has been suggested though not
confirmed that the character in “The Superior Spider-man” will NOT be
Peter Parker, though Parker and company will still be central characters
to the series. However, writer Dan Slott is being particularly cryptic
on this point when asked directly if there is a new man behind the
Spider. The fate of Peter Parker seems to be up in the air, but it seems
indicated at least that while something terribly bad will befall him,
he’s not being killed off.

-DC has a new cosmic anthology series coming called “Threshold.” Some of
the heroes and villains confirmed for inclusion in the main story in
this new series include Blue Beetle, the Omega Men, and a new Green
Lantern named Jediah Caul. It will also include a back-up story,
featuring Orange Lantern Larfleeze!

-Announced at the New York City Comic Con, Ethan van Sciver will be
taking over art duties on Batman: The Dark Knight!