Corporate Man is called in to investigate reports of vile, unethical business practices at Great American Business Company. What he finds there just might destroy him (except we all know the ending to The Tragic Death of Corporate Man so it should be fairly obvious that it can't really destroy him, though it can come close).

Enslaved by the Bonus Whores is an all new Corporate Man Adventure Serial. Chapters will post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

After nearly a decade of imprisonment, Corporate Man returns to find the economy in ruins and his deadliest enemies in control of all but a fraction of society's wealth. He embarks upon a quest to set right the wrongs of the business world; a task that will ultimately destroy him.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Satisfied Customers 13

You never know what a call-center employee actually looks like when you're talking to them on the phone. Take this Satisfied Customer for example. Is it a ball of hair propped on a sweater? A tiny shrunken head with a regular sized mouth and lips under a vast mane of hair with a headset lost somewhere within dark curls? One of Corporate Man's many enemies, cleverly infiltrating a call center in order to gain access to literature that reveals many secrets of highfinance and corporate economics?
All you can really be sure of when you're on the phone with a call-center operator is that there is cake for someone's birthday somewhere in the building or that a themed potluck is spread out in the breakroom. The crappy service you are receiving might be the result of sentient hair creatures, shrunken-head-bigmouths, or a clever enemy of our hero Corporate Man, but more than likely it is because you are interrupting operators just as they got to the part about the sharks, keeping them away from the potluck in the breakroom, or preventing them from filling their mouth with delicious cake.

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